Want proof?

Profits from Wall Street

Many of us will face a “large ticket” expense at some point in our future. It could be college tuition; maybe you’d like to pay cash for a house;  perhaps pay off a mortgage; maybe you’re faced with paying for long-term care for a parent or even for yourself….maybe you need to aggressively build up a retirement fund.

In the workshop, you are taught many techniques. One of them is an ultra, ultra aggressive technique, which can be started with a $5,000 account. The goal is to grow the balance to the point where it could pay for any of the above items within about 5 years. I claim that this can be done while only doing between 3 and 6 trades per year.   

Hard to believe?

If you want to see it for yourself, fill out the contact page and indicate that you would like to be added to the email list.

What I will do is open an account with $5,000.  I expect to do a few trades per year in that account.  Once a trade has been closed and I receive the latest account statement, you will be sent an email.  That email will contain a copy of the account statement.  You can verify that the opening balance matches the closing balance from the prior statement; you can see what was bought/sold and when the transactions occured.

This is NOT a newsletter advisory service. You will be emailed the results well after the trade is closed. You might get an email three times per year; you might get an email six times per year. It will depend on what the stock market offers. You can follow along and watch the account balance grow.

Why would I do this?

There are a few reasons.

  1. I’m passionate about trading;  I enjoy teaching others how to trade; I’m good at both. This website describes a trading/investing workshop.  I realize that many of you will never attend the workshop but you’d LOVE to see what a successful trader is doing so you can learn from them.

  2. If you heard of the workshop via word-of-mouth, then your reference is the person that told you about this. However, some of you randomly stumbled upon this site and you have no idea if this is legitimate.  This is a way to demonstrate that the methods work. 

There are some of you who are thinking, “Why should I take the workshop?  He said to expect that learning to do this is difficult. I would rather just buy a newsletter, follow his picks, and spend my time pondering whether my next Benz should be the white hardtop or the red convertible.”

That kind of thinking is why I have always hesitated to write a newsletter!  If you think that it’s smarter to simply pay someone a few bucks per year and follow their suggestions….keep one thing in mind….What happens to your financial future if your stock picker gets hit by a bus?

You are always better off learning to fish versus being given a fish.

Attend the workshop.  Take responsibility for your financial future.

That said, if you want to see the results from using an ultra, ultra aggressive technique, then fill in the contact page to be put on the email list.